Mapping The Most Photographed Places In the World

I recently stumbled upon this article about a neat tool that visualizes photographed locations around the world as a heat map:


Looking at the visualization, it struck me that it correlates quite closely with the train, bus and ferry transport coverage in Rome2rio. That’s not surprising; regions with developed transport infrastructure are also more likely to be visited and photographed. We have also focused on improving our coverage in popular tourist areas.

It also struck me that the photography visualization can also help us to identify popular regions where our coverage is lacking. We are constantly looking for new ways to help prioritize the efforts of our global content team. So, I decided to overlay the Rome2rio coverage map over the heat map:


A few regions where we should focus our efforts stood out: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Jamaica, northern Algeria and northern Tunisia. The coast of the Black Sea, northern Pakistan, Taiwan, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas also warrant greater focus.

2 thoughts on “Mapping The Most Photographed Places In the World

  1. Barbara Fitzgibbon

    Can I please thank you all at Rome2rio for the most marvellous website in the WORLD! – only negative is I can’t find any contact edress to thank you in a more direct way.
    Keep up the great service!

  2. Katja

    Wow what an amazing site. Will probably enable a European to travel to one of the most impressive war sites (Verdun in France). In exchange, here is a hint: If you enter Zurich – Verdun, then are the first options very helpful. However the ones referring to taking the plane in Basel … To Basel (for 1 Minute) seems not like a well spent 1200 usd ……..


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